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About Breast Treatment Task Force

Breast Treatment Task Force (BTTF) facilitates free breast screening and education, diagnostic follow-up and treatment for patients without access to health insurance. Most diagnostic and treatment patients assisted through BTTF programs would otherwise experience large medical debts or bankruptcy. BTTF Programs began in late 2006 with the organization’s founding medical partner, Bellevue Hospital. Since the program's inception, BTTF has facilitated more than $12 million in medical care for hundreds of uninsured patients.

"Hearing about BTTF was a welcome relief to the sinking feeling that accompanied my realization that the lump in my breast had to get checked out. It's a scary feeling to know there is a health issue and to be living without health insurance. BTTF is not just an organization paying for procedures, they are a group of lovely people who are genuinely concerned, and I could feel it every step of the way, from getting my appointments set up to following up afterwards. It is wonderful to know that in this city with millions of uninsured women, BTTF is with us to give support when we most need it."